Pentax Digital Spotmeter Holster

A Chicago cinematographer approached us about a week ago, inquiring if we could make a holster for a Pentax Spotmeter. If you aren’t familiar with what a spotmeter  is, it is probably because the function of a spotmeter is built in to most modern cameras. Without getting overly complicated or wandering too far from my areas of expertise, a spotmeter measures the presence of light for the purposes of getting a good exposure in photography or film-making. While modern devices have this function built in, many professionals still carry a professional spotmeter to prep shots.

I have made a few custom knife sheaths and dabbled in holstering before, but this was my first commission for something with such a strange shape. Here is a photo of the preliminary measuring.


After I got a feel for what I was going to do, I chiseled the holes for lacing and I sewed the item together. After this was complete, the item fit awkwardly in the unformed holster. Much like working with clay, once the leather is saturated, it can be worked and formed. After about 2o minutes of forming and shaping, the holster started to really take shape and mold nicely to the device. Here is the finished product.


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are interested in ordering a custom piece, please contact us at


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